Szczecin - Kujota - 56700 m3

Terminal Szczecin - Księdza Stanisława Kujota Street

The plant at Księdza Stanisława Kujota Street, 9 of total area 45 993 m2 is situated by Kanał Wrocławski (Przemysłowy) and Parnicki. It has its own reloading and stand berth of 330 m total length which consists of:

  1. Reloading berth for 3rd class and non classified fire hazard products:
    - length – 122 m
    - depth 6,5 m ( acceptable vessel draught 6,5 m by average water level)
  2. Reloading berth for 1st class fire hazard products:
    - length – 128 m
    - depth 6,5 m (acceptable vessel draught 6,5 m by average water level)
  3. The remaining berth of 80 m length is a stand berth for barges and smaller vessels
    - depth 2,8 m by average water level.

Baltchem terminal in Szczecin accept vessels with maximum parameters:
L – 130,00 m, B- 22,00 m, d – 6,50 m

The plant includes:

  • reloading terminal of crude vegetable oil
  • reloading terminal of petroleum products
  • reloading terminal of methanol
  • workshop and warehouse infrastructure